Two simple bedroom designs for small spaces

One of the best solutions I’ve seen is to create a “bunk bed” style bedroom. In a small space, you can create an area for sleeping and studying as well. The design is similar to a bunk bed. The bed is installed above and the space underneath is designed to be a study place. Most beds are either supported from the ceiling or from the floor. This kind of design is great because it maximizes the vertical space. You put the bed in the air to keep the floor space free for other things.

Another simple bedroom design is one that is made in a loft. Pull-outs are popular when you’re maximizing space. A pull-out bed is an easy solution to a small space. You can hide the bed and get it out of the way during day time while you use the space for other activities. Simple bedroom designs for small spaces really focus more on creating more space while providing the necessary elements for a bedroom.

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