French style bedroom ideas you can use for your home

There are a lot of colors to choose from when decorating with this theme. There’s the option to go for a sunny yellow or soft gold. You can also choose a bold color like firey red or burnt rust. There’s also the option to go for dark hunter green or soft ocean tones. Basically, you have the full spectrum of the color wheel to choose from.

Bright black shade can complement bright colors. By adding rusted metal furniture in your bedroom furniture pieces or light fixtures, you can create an aged look that works very well with this kind of decorating style. Also, if you can incorporate decorations that are made from natural materials such as woven chairs, woven cotton rugs, natural stones and others, you’ll definitely get the look right. As for you bedding, choose comfortable materials and opt to use those that have homey designs. You can incorporate a lot of lavender design and patterns because most French style bedroom ideas are reminiscent of the lavender fields in Provence.

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