Luxury Bedrooms and How to Create Your Own

The bedroom is your personal space. It is the only room in a house that you don’t have to share with other people. This makes it crucial that the bedroom interior matches your style and personality. It’s more comfortable and relaxing sleeping in a room that reflects your favorite color, style or design compared to sleeping in a stranger’s bedroom.

A lot of people are not using luxury bedrooms as inspiration for their own bedrooms. Luxury bedrooms usually occupy a very large space. However, for people who have small spaces, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a luxurious look in your own home. Luxury is a matter of personal preference. But for those asking, here’s a short list of what you can do to imitate luxury bedroom designs.

To create a high-style bedroom on a budget, just follow these tips. You don’t have to use all of them, just pick what’s applicable for your bedroom and what matches your style.

Luxury interiors usually use deep shades. When you’re not sure what color to pick, choose taupe. It speaks high-end and is a very flexible color. It’s versatile so you can match it with other colors you want to use as accent to the room interior.
Use textures and tones. Spend more on major elements and less on accent pieces. This means invest more time and money on walls, furniture, flooring and ceiling and spend less on accent decors. For example, pick silk bedspreads and buy cheaper throw pillows to complement the fabric.
Find accent pieces from your current home interior. An old or antique décor can be used as an accent piece in the bedroom. Using bedroom decorations with personal meaning or sentimental value will make your room’s interior more meaningful. It’ll also be more personalized.
If you’re going for an Asian style in the bedroom, using bamboo stalks will be great. Going for natural room decors like woody stems soaked in a glass vase with water is a nice touch. It’s low-maintenance and creates an organic flow in the bedroom interior.
Use metal accents. Copper, brass, silver and gold are nice accents. It gives an old-world charm that helps add an earthy feel to the bedroom interior.
Add bulk to your bed for a more luxurious feel. Buy a thick comforter and a separate decorative cover for the foot of the bed because most luxury rooms create texture by adding decorative fabrics in the bedroom interior.


Tips for creating modern couples bedroom decoration

Don’t be afraid to add drama in the room interior. A deep color on the walls will give the feeling of being enveloped. It will also make it easier to get your sleep at night. If you’re concerned about the darkness, you can balance out the dark-colored walls by using a white headboard or white bedroom furniture. You can also create a serene scene by using soft gray, taupe or baby blue. Use this on the bedding.

Coordinate the colors through the window treatments. Use floor to ceiling designs to create a romantic tone. If you want a dramatic effect, choose longer curtains that will pool on the floor. Match it with a cozy rug on the floor made from sheepskin or shag. This’ll make stepping out of the bed in the morning more pleasant. Use luxurious linens. Make the bed an enticing and tempting place to climb in at night. Choose well and don’t mind paying extra for the comfort it will give. A fluffy wool blanket or soft cotton quilt is very comfortable.


Modern Couples Bedroom Decoration Ideas for a Romantic Ambiance

The one room that you can decorate in any way you want is the bedroom. It’s your personal space. It’s where you spend hours to relax and sleep and for intimate couples, it’s a very important room in the house. Because it’s one of the spaces where you and your partner can be intimate together, boosting up the room décor to make a romantic tone is a good idea.

With work and the daily hustle, you and your partner will only get to spend a lot of time together in the bedroom. So, make this space a special one by using modern couples bedroom decoration ideas.

Work with lighting. Lighting has a big impact in the tone of the room. This strategy works for all rooms in the house. Soften your lighting or install a dimmer lighting. Overhead lighting, pendant lights or even bedside lamps can achieve this. Make the bedroom interior look luxurious as well by providing extra seating. A couch is ideal but if the space is lacking, add a chair on one corner. It gives off this hotel-feel that’ll make the bedroom feel more deluxe. Lastly, use eye catching accents. When making modern couples bedroom decoration you can incorporate personal photos or artwork that will give a splash of color to the room interior.


How to create your own distressed bedroom furniture

To test it out first, choose a smaller piece of furniture like a stool or a small drawer before moving on to bigger pieces like the bed and cabinets. To start off, remove all the hardware in the furniture. For example, the handles in the drawers or any other pieces that you don’t want to get painted. Use a dry rag and apply a deglosser to the surface. If you will be staining the wood, you won’t need this step.

Once you’ve cleaned the stool, apply the primer. There are available primer products that are spray-on or brushed. After the primer dries, apply the paint of your choice. Re-coating is completely up to you. Once you’ve got the right shade of color, let it dry and prepare your sanding tools. You can sand the edges and areas where the piece of furniture is most likely to have wear if used for years. For example, a table would have weathered edges so sand those areas. Keep in mind that you need to sand gently so you don’t over-do it and make it look unnatural. You can also use nails and other tools to make marks on the furniture. Distressed bedroom furniture is a great way to add character and charm in your bedroom interior and the best part is that you can do it to your current furniture pieces.